Accounting & Finance Professional Practical Application Course

understanding finance is one important step to play an active role in helping their organization achieve its objectives

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Accounting and finance fundamentals diploma is primarily designed to assist attendees in understand and practice major accounting, finance and auditing fundamentals to be able to be fully aware of the basics of the accounting and finance career which enable the attendees to be blended in the work field of their desire with the competitive advantage of understanding the interconnected careers of accounting and finance, which will contribute to their success in future roles within the finance industry.


Certificate of completion


on Campus


3 months, Total 40 active learning hours

Key Benefits

  • Understand the role of Accountants, auditors, finance analysts.
  • Understand the basics of financial accounting with practical application on real financial data.
  • Master excel as used as an accounting and analysis system for beginners.
  • Differentiate between Roles and careers fields within the finance industry.

Who should attend?​

• Accounting Professionals
• Bankers
• Auditors
• Junior financial analysts
• fresh graduates and all those who want to start new Career in finance or accounting

Course Outline

  • Types of companies
  • Basis and assumptions of accounting
  • Types of accounts & Debit and Credit
  • Accounting equation (Assets, Liabilities and equity)
  • Accounting cycle (General ledger/ Trial balance/Journal entries)
  • Financial position accounts: PPE/ loans/ bank/ provisions/ notes receivables & payables/ Related party balances/ accounts receivables/ accounts payables
  • Profit or loss accounts: Revenue /Costs /expenses/ gains/ losses
  • Stocks and bonds accounting
  • Foreign exchange differences
  • Prepaid, accrued expenses & Advances and custody
  • Unearned and accrued revenue
  • Provisions, reserves and contingencies
  • Continuous and periodic counts of inventory
  • Types of inventory
  • Valuation & Pricing of inventory
  • Types of checks
  • Types of general meetings of companies
  • Types of discounts
  • Events after reporting period
  • Financial statements and notes with real time financial statements of listed companies
  • Cash flow statement with practical application on Excel Sheet & forecasting
  • Horizontal,Vertical & Trend analysis with practical on Excel Sheet
  • Types of financial ratios and its comments with practical application on Excel Sheet
  • Income tax
  • Deferred tax
  • Salary tax and social insurance contribution
  • Withholding tax
  • Value added tax
  • IFRS16 leases
  • IFRS9 financial instruments
  • IFRS9 expected credit loss

• Macroeconomics and Microeconomics
• Inflation
• Gross domestic product (GDP)
• Insurance and investment funds
• Insurance companies
• Stock exchange
• Types of banks
• Central bank
• Cheque clearing house
Deposits and certificates
• Loans and credit facilities
• Types of interest
• Stocks and bonds
• Indices
• Derivatives
• Commodities
• Treasury bills / government bonds
• Present value, future value and discount rate
Time value of money
• Finance career path and professional qualifications

• Internal and external audit
• Terminology and audit meaning
• Role of auditors in the financial markets
• Big 4 & Big10 audit firms
• Auditor’s independence
• Management’s responsibilities
• Auditor’s responsibilities
• Audit equation
• Audit career path and professional qualifications
• Materiality
• Audit assertions
Audit evidence
• Internal controls
• Audit process
• Substantive analytical procedures
• Substantive test of details
• Audit reports
• Audit procedures for basic accounts 

• Microsoft Excel basics
• Microsoft Excel shortcuts
• Microsoft Excel formulas
• Excel practical exercises
• Building an accounting system from scratch using Microsoft Excel
• Peach-tree introduction
• Basic functions and tools
• Practical exercise over the functions and tools
• Peach-tree Reports and financial statements
• Manual entries
• Applying discounts
• Applying VAT
• Credit and returns
• Case study on establishing an accounting system using Peach-tree
• Case study for accounting, financial analysis of an actual financial statements
• Case study for auditing a company’s records
• Career advisory
• Interview skills

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