Human Resouces Certified Professional Diploma (SHRM)

understanding Human Resouces is one important step to play an active role in helping their organization achieve its objectives

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This essential HR training course provides a comprehensive and solid foundation in human resource management It covers the different functional areas that comprise the field of Human Resource  Management, including human resource planning, recruitment selection, compensation benefits, performance appraisal and training development

Through the trainer’s expertise and practical knowledge, you will be able to define the key concepts associated with human resources management and you will be able to:

• Understand the importance of Human Resource Management to the organization
• Appreciate the key functions associated with Human Resource Management
• Implement a Human Resource Planning Process
• Understand the importance of Recruitment and Selection
• Detail the main types of Compensation and Benefits Systems
• Implement an effective Performance Appraisal Process
• Understand the function of Training and Development and its importance to the organization and many more technical knowledge with practical implementation.


Certificate of completion
Accreditation Society for HR management ( SHRM )


on Campus


4 Months (120 Hours)

Key Benefits

  • Identify the concept of strategic HR management
  • Identify best strategies and business models for your organization
  • Formulate strategic plan
  • Set smart objectives
  • use balance scorecards
  • Create performance appraisal form
  • Identify and explain the components of an effective total reward system
  • Contribute effectively to the recruitment and selection processes.
  • All personnel needed functional process
  • All Excel essential functions for HR process
  • Develop the road towards internal external equity

Who should attend?​

• HR staff who are new to the profession
• HR Managerial Level
• Experienced Managers who are new to HR or pursuing a career change
• Senior and Middle level managers in HR
• Individual with interest to build a career in HR
• HR Consultants

Course Outline

  • What is Strategic HR?
  • How HR can play a role in achieving organization’s strategic plan
  • The intersection between business manager and HR managers
  • HR Analytics
  • HR and Technology
  • HR and Change Management
  • New HR Trends

Creating Organization design
Conducting Job analysis
Creating Result-based Job description
Job evaluation technique
Selecting Competencies based on the job profile
Performance management system

  • What is Total Rewards
  • Equity Theory
  • Individual Equity & Job Evaluation
  • Doing job analysis
  • Writing Job Analysis
  • Job Evaluation Methods
  • Hay Job Evaluation Methods
  • The contrast between Mercer & Hay
  • Case Studies on Job Evaluation
  • Strategy to the salary structure
  • Grading Structure Calculations
  • Market Benchmarking
  • Reading Market Surveys
  • Bridging the market
  • Building Salary Structure
  • Merit Increase Calculations
  • How Different grades map together
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