Planning, Budgeting & Analysis Advanced Workshop

understanding finance is one important step to play an active role in helping their organization achieve its objectives

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A planning, budgeting, and analysis workshop is a  specialized training program designed to help individuals Through interactive sessions and hands-on exercises,  participants will learn how to develop robust strategic plans, create effective budgets, and analyze financial data to make informed decisions


Certificate of completion


on Campus


12 active learning hours

Key Benefits

  • Prepare a Company’s Budget from Scratch
  • Prepare the Revenue Budget of a Company
  • Build an Integrated Financial Model
  • Estimate Working Capital Needs
  • Calculate Net Cash Flow

Who should attend?​

• Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
• Finance Managers
• FP&A Managers
• FP&A Seniors
• Budget Controllers
• Investment Bankers

Course Outline

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